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Blossom In The Dust: A Doomsday Experience

“When the world ends we know what we are but not what we may be”

Blossom In The Dust is an interactive and immersive performance, in which audience members join a cult, called The Garden, which can save them from the end of the world. An end of the world driven by climate change.

The Garden are creating their version of utopia, in a bunker, that will save all inside it. However, to join, the audience must first undergo a series of tasks to make them ready to form a new society. But will this new-found community be able to save themselves in time?

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At The End There’s a Dance

Bill and Dani must end their friendship. It’s particularly hard to do when they have shared a story for so long.

They have devised a plan to help sever their attachment with honour. They will say goodbye through a festival of endings and explore as many as they possibly can. It’s not always amicable. It’s not always sensible. But at least at the end there’s a dance.

Different types of endings have different effects; the fairytale ending, the grand finale, the big reveal, the fizzle out. Switching from the heartfelt and poignant to the comedic and silly at the drop of a hat, Bill and Dani whirlwind through endings from movies, books, folktales, their own lives, and, errrrm…quantum physics.

Spoiler: Everything Ends

This show has been performed at Prachtwerk Cafe Berlin, Artistania e.V Berlin as part of Kunst du Uns festival and at Fragility Takeover, London, as part of Wandsworth Arts Fringe Festival.

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