At The End There’s A Dance Review

At The End There’s A Dance – Review

“Be Prepared To Be Moved”

How many times has a happy birthday wish from an old friend on Facebook caused you a little pang? When was the last time you spoke to them in person, or even on the phone? When did you stop writing catch up emails?

Dani and Bill are determined that their friendship will end, not with these annual whimpers, but with a bang. Or rather, with a thoroughgoing examination of all possible endings — to friendship, to romantic love, to the universe, to a night out — and then, with a dance.

This is a poignant theme in a world which has seemingly never been more connected, but which a neverending stream of think pieces tells us has never felt more lonely. Dani and Bill tackle it adroitly, with turns both hilarious and deeply sad. Taking a tour through the closing sequences of classic films, the archetypal hero’s journey, and the personal stories of friends and family members, they reserve a particular pathos for their treatment of those endings which go without a grieving ritual — which, after all, is the rationale of the show. Maybe it was the timing, but I felt a tightening in my chest as they described the end of summer.

This is not, however, a show to leave you feeling sad, even if it may leave you rather thoughtful. The dance at the end is a reminder that it has been a celebration, an insistence on doing justice to an important and fun-filled relationship that would otherwise run the risk of dwindling into the stuff of a scratchy recorded memory, such as those they nearly have us thinking they will leave us on.

If I had a criticism, it’s that Dani and Bill’s insistence that this is in fact the end doesn’t quite ring true — they have far too much chemistry for the audience not to suspect that they will soon be off devising another madcap show together. But nonetheless, they have produced a heartwarming and thought provoking piece of theatre, inviting laughs and tears in equal and very plentiful measure. A life affirming evening’s entertainment. Go prepared to be moved.

written by Elisa Haf